Home made sponge daubers (why didn’t I find this earlier?)

reprinted from http://www.happycardfactory.com/2012/01/make-your-own-ink-daubers.html

“I have been wanting sponge daubers ever since I started collecting Distress Inks but they are just too expensive. With the homemade version being so inexpensive, why not make my own.

Here’s just two simple things you are going to need: 1/2″ PVC pipe cut at 1 1/2″ pieces and a pack of sponge beauty wedges.

Take a sponge and fold in half.

Take said sponge and smoosh it up into one end of the pipe….

…till it comes out the other end and looks. Don’t push too far as the square edges will show.

Word of caution, keep your finger in the hole. I have a mighty daub so I have a tendency to push the sponge back in the tube. If you are a kinder, gentler inker, you may not have this problem. The pre-mades have a hole at the bottom too, right? That’s kind of the point, yes? I have never used them so I don’t know if they do the same thing or not. Another good thing, when your sponge gets yucky, pop it out and replace with fresh sponge. More cost savings and they are so cheap, you can have one dedicated to every color!”

My favorite part: I paid $1.68 for a 10 ft piece of pipe, a little under $3 for 32 sponges and a hubby to use his manly, sharp tools to cut 120 for you – priceless. At JoAnn’s, a three pack of Tsukineko daubers costs $5! I’m no math genius but I do believe I only paid roughly .10 a piece. If that doesn’t get you slapping your knee and saying “sueweeeee”, I don’t know what will! Can you see how much money I saved? Sure, I like the black, it’s sleek and doesn’t have the words “water pipe” in red but for all the money you save, who cares right? I know how to paint. Do we really need sexy inking supplies? Well, maybe, but I will learn to live with these. ^__^


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