Pinterest anyone?

As winter is Florida time for us I have leisure to reflect, philosophize, and plan.  I’ve been on Pinterest recently.  My goodness it seems huge.    People have taken a larger interest in it as a possible idea cache than I have in the past.  I looked at other’s boards, re pinned a few from time to time, and then promptly forgot about them.  My sister, Jackie, who is a Stampin’Up! demonstrator, always  uses it to cache idea for cards she likes and refers to her boards when she needs an idea for a card.   She really uses Pinterest as her personal reference library for many areas.  Studying her Pinterest boards is a look into her life, her dreams, almost a mini reference to her sum total.  From her boards I see she’s become an organized woman who creates each board by idea and technique. A look at her collection of boards shows a wide variety of ideas she’s stored for future use in her life.  A look at my boards( all 5 of them) show Stampin’Up! cards I’ve designed and cards designed by others, some recipes I thought looked good and reveals my love of travel to exotic off shore places.

Sigh.  How did I get so private that I haven’t posted a board of dragon boat racing or choir singing; or posted about ocean cruises we want to take?   Retirement seems to have relaxed my need to keep everything private but sharing all my new interests with the world is going to require me to stretch a little.  Hmmm.  I’ll start with Pinterest.


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